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Accessible London – A Perfect Holiday For People With Disabilities

London has more accessible attractions to visit than any other city in Europe. Paris may offer grand 18th-century houses containing vast museums crammed with artwork masterpieces, and Rome may offer the ancient ruins of the Forum and Coliseum, but if it’s a hassle-free break with plenty of wheel-chair accessible sites you’re looking for, it’s London that can provide the perfect city break.


London offers tourists with reduced mobility so much to do that you could easily plan a week’s break in London and still be left with plenty to return for.

Choose your accommodation

London is a big city with a great variety of neighbourhoods. A little bit of research will help ensure you select a suitable hotel for your needs. There are an ever increasing number of hotels that are especially adapted for people with a range disabilities. Take your time and choose to stay close to the tourist attractions you wish to see. Make sure there are some easily accessible fine restaurants nearby.

Choose your attractions

There’s so much on offer it’s important to be realistic in your planning. Trying to cram the British Museum, Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral, Trafalgar Square and the National Portrait Gallery into one day will not help you make the most of them. The British Museum, for instance, could easily merit a whole day, or even two half-days. The collection is vast, and it contains iconic objects from all over the world, such as the Rosetta Stone, which was instrumental in helping Egyptologists understand ancient hieroglyphs. The British Museum building itself is stunning, and what’s more, it’s all easily accessible, with elevators between floors.

Visit Egypt From Europe

Vary your sightseeing

Some districts are perfect for exploring at leisure, without the need to use public transport. Westminster is one of these, with attractions such as Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and the Cabinet War Rooms all close by one another. One leisurely way to see London is to take a boat tour on the river Thames. The sights of London float past you as you drift down the river enjoying a warming drink or something stronger. For something a little more exciting, the London Eye offers views of London from a big wheel located on the Thames – for the ultimate rush, however, you can avail yourself of one of the many pleasure flights that are available. Helicopter flights over London let you see the big picture and offer an experience you’ll remember for a long time.

Reach for the stars

If you enjoyed cruising through the sky over London, why not mingle with the stars in London’s West End? You should always check theatre accessibility before booking, as many of the buildings are old and offer limited access. No stay in London is truly complete without seeing a musical or a play. Check out the listings and contact numbers for theaters and enjoy the show.

Enjoying London

With just a little planning, your visit to London can include so many different experiences, and this year you may even catch an outdoor Olympic event in the streets of the city.

We hope you find this guide to London useful, and if you have any further tips leave them in the comments below!

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