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Visit Egypt From Europe


Egypt – the name alone conjures up wonderful visions of statuesque Sphinxes, soaring pyramids and vast temples carved into rock faces. Visiting and experiencing this magical land is now as easy as ever, and tourists are spoilt with the sheer range of holidays in Egypt available.

The list of holiday experiences on offer is as varied as it is long. You can travel here under your own steam, opting for a scheduled flight, booking your own hotel and trying out the local transport system to get from the airport to your accommodation.

Or you can join a tour operator and take advantage of organised trips where flights, accommodation and transfers are all included in the price.

These are a popular choice for many tourists as it helps make travel that little bit easier. Many choose established tour operators and book the likes of Thomas Cook package holidays, while others choose emerging or specialist operators to enjoy something a little more bespoke, perhaps a little more ‘off the beaten track’.

However you get here, it goes without saying that no trip to Egypt is complete without visiting its major sites. These incredible world-famous monuments are among the most important archaeological finds in the world, and standing beneath the towering frame of the Great Sphinx, or blinking into the darkness of a cool, echoing temple, are some of the most humbling and memorable experiences you will ever have.

If cost is troubling you, there are plenty of options out there to help make your trip that bit more affordable. Package holidays are often organised to accommodate a wide range of budgets, and booking at the last-minute is a great way of securing additional savings.

Alternatively by booking well in advance you can enjoy early bird discounts and also have longer to pay off the cost of your holiday, which makes it more manageable and also means you have more money to play with when you get there.

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