About us

We are Alicia and Alejo, a friendly and adventurous couple from Colombia. We have a passion for traveling, volunteering and learning new things. We believe in sharing our experiences and helping others, and we are excited to have you read us and become part of the Europe Travelr community.

Our volunteer experiences

In 2016, we had our first volunteering experience through the Workaway platform. We spent almost a year traveling and volunteering in different cities in Italy, Catalonia and Denmark. We get involved in all kinds of activities, such as building, cleaning houses, selling at a flea market, harvesting olives, digital marketing, making natural soaps, gardening and even cooking traditional Tuscan bread and pizza.

In 2019, we stayed for a month between Hungary, Austria, Germany and Belgium. We helped a camping staff, maintenance, house cleaning, digital marketing and even had the opportunity to cook some Colombian dishes such as arepas and vegetarian bandeja paisa.

Our skills

We are both entrepreneurs and digital nomads with flexible schedules. We can help with logistics, cooking, construction, bio-construction, accounting and excel. We also have skills in digital marketing, SEO, SEM and WordPress. We are very committed and demanding with ourselves, and we can make any website in record time or optimize the existing one.

Our interests

We enjoy traveling and sharing experiences while meeting new friends and learning languages. We are interested in financial freedom, sustainable lifestyle and one day hope to build our own cabin. We know how to build with different earth construction methods, and we can even build an earth oven with a wood fire to make pizza and other amazing food. We also love to ride bikes, and in 2016 we even traveled by bike.

About Alicia

Alicia is an achiever and has a lot of stamina and hard work. She finds it satisfying to be busy and productive. He puts his whole heart into everything he does. He has an avid desire to learn and continuously improve. Alice is a futurist and can inspire others with her visions of the future. He has a sharp mind that allows him to point in the right direction with precision and clear ideas, anticipating risks and bottlenecks. She is an excellent planner and a natural leader. Alicia is spontaneous, cheerful and a good conversationalist. She enjoys piano and violin, as well as knitting and reading.

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About Alejo

Alejo is a creative, curious and adventurous person. He is an excellent listener and has a great sense of humor. He has a passion for photography and loves to capture the beauty of the world. He is also very handy and can fix almost anything. He is a great team player and is always willing to help others. He is also a great learner and is always looking for new challenges. In his spare time, he enjoys playing the guitar and riding his bicycle.

Our language

We speak Spanish and English fluently, Italian at an advanced level, and would be very happy to practice and share it with you.

Final thoughts

We are easy going, let things flow and live in the moment. We like to stay connected to the present moment as we become more aware. We are thrilled that you are here and can’t wait to share our experiences with you.

Why we love Europe as a travel destination

There are so many reasons why we love Europe as a travel destination, but here are some of our favorites:

  • History: Europe is home to some of the world’s most iconic and ancient cities. Walking through the streets of places like Rome, Athens or Prague is like stepping back in time. We love visiting ancient ruins and learning about the history of these places.
  • Culture: Europe is incredibly diverse and each country has its own unique culture. We love trying new foods, listening to different types of music and learning about the customs of each place we visit.
  • Natural beauty: Europe is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. From the Swiss Alps to the Norwegian fjords, there are so many breathtaking views to enjoy.
  • The people: Europeans are known for being friendly and welcoming. We have met so many kind and interesting people on our travels, and always look forward to the opportunity to make new friends.

“Travel is the opportunity to live life to the fullest, to leave fear and worry behind and embrace adventure and change. No matter how far you go, you will always take with you the memories and lessons you acquire along the way. enjoy life and travel!” – Alejo and Alice

Why we write a travel blog about Europe

We created our travel blog to share our experiences and inspire others to explore Europe. We want to show people that travel doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, and that there are many amazing places to visit right around the corner.

We also love to share our tips and tricks for budget travel and sustainable tourism, as well as our favorite local foods and cultural experiences.

One of our most memorable experiences was when we were traveling in Germany, we decided to spend the night in a tent in the Black Forest, it was amazing, the stars were so bright, we could see the Milky Way, and the nature was so peaceful, it was really magical.

We also love to share our personal stories and anecdotes from our travels, as well as any lessons we have learned along the way. We believe that by sharing our experiences we can help others to plan their own trips and make the most of their stay in Europe.

We hope our blog will inspire you to explore Europe and discover all it has to offer. Join us in our adventures and let’s discover Europe together.