Traveling to Italy

Are you lucky enough to be planning your European holiday? Have you decided to make Italy on your list of places to visit? These Traveling to Italy articles will help you navigate where to go in Italy and what to do when you arrive. You will learn useful tips and about incredible cities and interesting attractions. We want it to be fun, easy and stress-free for you to plan a vacation to Italy.

Where to go in Italy

Italy is a beautiful, diverse country. In this section, you will enjoy learning about Italy's rich culture. Read about historical sites, arts, cuisine, wine, beaches, tours, family fun, nature, transportation, hotels and more. Whether you choose to focus your stay in Tuscany, Rome, Venice, Florence, Bologna or somewhere else, you'll be inspired to plan. Learn why you'll want to be sure to make a stop in Pompeii. And get hungry reading about the must-try foods in Italy.

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